I’m Egyptian

Egyptian revolution

Tweets from Egypt

“Hosni Mubarak Resigned. #Egypt #Jan25”
(Ramy Raoof)


“He’s Out He’s Out He’s Out He’s Out He’s Out He’s Out He’s Out He’s Out He’s Out He’s Out He’s Out He’s Out He’s Out He’s Out He’s Out”

H I S T O R Y #Jan25 #Sidibouzid

“Stepped down – LIVE at http://bambuser.com/v/1406236
(Wael Abbas)

“Unbelievable!! He’s gone! Scenes of jubilations in #Tahrir. I will never forget this moment.”
(Sharif Kouddous)

“Peopke jumping up and down. Everyone hugging. We did it. I wanna cry from happiness.”

“Egypt: we just made history! #jan25! Power to the peaceful!”
(Rowan El Shimi)

“The real hero is the young Egyptians in Tahrir square and the rest of Egypt #Jan25”
(Wael Ghonim)

“An Egyptian activist weeps on Al-Jazeera: “I never thought I’d live to see this moment.” I defy you not to be moved by this revolution”

“Streets crazy in heliopolis. Fireworks from balconies, honking cars, flags, chants, dancing”

“It took 3 speech, 18 days of uprising, 326 Martyrs, and thousand of injured people to get rid of Mubarak. | We will never forget. | #Jan25”

“Welcome home, everyone! :-) (@ Free, Democratic, and Secular Egypt)”

“Today we fulfilled our promise to those who died #Jan25 #KhaledSaid”

“History … this is what we are living today.. history. Our future has forever changed”
(Dima Khatib)

“This revolution couldn’t have happened to better people. Patient, peaceful, good-humored, resilient, imaginative. #Egypt”
(Ben Wedeman)

“Thank you to every Egyptian for showing the world the true meaning of democracy #jan25”
(Tom Trewinnard)

“People hugging army #jan25”
(Nadia El-Awady)

“Yes, social media played a role in #jan25. But don’t call this the Twitter or FB revolution. Real people protested and died. It’s theirs.”
(Andy Carvin)

“I can’t describe my emotions right now. I wish you were all with us celebrating in Tahrir.”
(Mosa’ab Elshamy)

“Innaharda ehna kullina Misryeen! Today, we’re all Egyptians!”
(Nicholas Kristof)

“Lift your head up, You’re an Egyptian!”
(Omar Robert Hamilton)

“I am Egyptian. #Egypt #jan25”


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  2. synesius

    Ero passato per ringraziarti (mi è arrivato Pinokkio volume 2!) e sono rimasto incantato da questi Tweets…

    Per ora ho letto una decina di racconti (l’ho ricevuto ieri) ma mi sembra che la loro qualità sia ottima,

    Ne approfitto anche – ormai l’OT è clamoroso – per segnalarti il nuovo blog che ho aperto con un’amica illustratrice: thefragmina.wordpress.com.
    Un blog aperto a tutti per inviare immagini di sé, anzi di pezzi di sé. Lo scopo è quello di documentare come si rappresenta il proprio corpo in rete. Con concorsi periodici e l’obiettivo di organizzare una o più mostre e una o più pubblicazioni.

    A presto

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